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Training Program Support (Senior, Mid-level, Junior)

Washington Metropolitan Area, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

Duties: Provides training program support, specific duties and functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Assesses training needs through analyzing and identifying CI requirements of agency HQ and field CI elements
• Conducts senior level liaison with USIC agencies to identify and coordinate training requirements commensurate with intelligence community identified needs
• Serves as a lead developer for training requirements for the CI Directorate specifically designed around the authorities and unique operating environment of agency CI.
• Responsible for development of tailored small group training opportunities and for development of future training.
• Works with employees/mangers to identify skills that need improvement and identifies appropriate training program to meet needs.
• Analyzes data and conducts studies to determine immediate and long-range training needs and priorities.
• Organize, schedule, coordinate, and evaluate the Continuing Training and Development Program.
• Maintain a comprehensive electronic file of training folders to include training taken, attribute sheets, date started and date completed.
• Manage and Schedule School Facilities, Classrooms, and Equipment.
• Manage and Provide Educational Program Technical Information
• Assists in the monitoring and evaluation of customer feedback and learning intervention effectiveness. Actively initiates and participates in continuous quality improvement efforts.


  • Experience: Senior (10 years), Mid-level (6 years), Junior (4 years). Individual must have experience in an US Intelligence Community counterintelligence (CI) program with a background in CI investigations and CI program management, CI analysis, CI awareness, and/or CI cyber. Specialized experience includes analyzing and evaluating reports; development or review of training/course materials, aids devices, etc.; at least two (2) years in a position that required training or instructing others; and evaluation of training program of instruction and results. Preferred skills and experience include understanding of instructional methods, principles, and techniques in order to develop self-contained training courses; skill in use of audio-visual equipment and automation software. Candidate must possess the ability to communicate both orally and in writing as well as speak publicly and conduct training in a classroom/seminar setting. Strong organizational and database managements skills, including experience with the Microsoft Office is required. A broad-based understanding of global affairs and international issues and events that may impact U.S. National Security is also required.

  • Education: Individual must be a graduate of an FBI, DOD, or other CI credentialing or certifying training program. A Bachelor’s Degree is preferred but not required; applicants may qualify for this position on the basis of education/training, experience, or a combination of the two. Preferred education includes DOD, FBI, or other formal instructor training course.

November 26, 2023 at 8:44:33 PM

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