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Management team

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Emanuel Dash - CEO

Emanuel Dash has been supporting national security activities as a contractor for over fifteen years, serving in such roles as a training specialist, a Targeter, a Senior Intelligence Analyst, and a Program Manager for the FBI, the Department of Energy, and the private sector. Mr. Dash has extensive experience in building and organically expanding programs on behalf of his clients. Mr. Dash became CEO of Deck Prism in 2017. 


Mr. Dash graduated summa cum laude in 2005 from the George Washington University's Elliot School of International Affairs with degrees in International Relations and History.   

Daniel Kiryelejza -

Daniel Kiryelejza is the President of Deck Prism. Mr. Kiryelejza was a senior CIA Operations Officer and Manager with over 30 years experience when he retired from Federal service at the end of 2014.  His decorations during his time at CIA include the Intelligence Medal of Merit, The Donovan Award, the Balkans Medallion and the Career Commendation Medal.  During his time in the U.S. Government he spent almost 16 years overseas gaining expertise in HUMINT and Technical clandestine operations.  Mr. Kiryelejza served principally in all parts of Europe, the Mediterranean and Aegean areas, North Africa and Southwest Asia.  He is well versed in the skills of source debriefing, intelligence reporting, and operating successfully in demanding operational environments.  Mr. Kiryelejza also has substantial experience in the disciplines of Counterintelligence/threat assessment and Counterproliferation.  At CIA and now as a partner in Deck Prism LLC, he leverages his past experience and skillsets in formulating tailored and programmatic solutions to meet task/mission goals across organizational boundaries.  Mr. Kiryelejza speaks working-level Turkish and fluent Italian.


He is a 1983 graduate of Tufts University with a B.A. in International Relations." 

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